A Wait-And-See-Approach Is No Longer Acceptable

Is your desired retirement lifestyle worth that risk?


You could lose 30% or more if the market corrects as it did in 2008. In dollars, that can devastate

your portfolio as well as your cash flow, health, relationships, and legacy.

We use a virtual and secure internet-based process that provides tax-efficient solutions to exploit headwinds and tailwinds in this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Our strategic C/R Stack Portfolios are designed to be a "portfolio of bets," that are flexible and have a greater tolerance for change, that strive to thrive in a constantly changing new normal for your long-term priorities.


In order for your portfolio to react quickly to new threats and be ready to respond to disruptions, it must be designed to be speculative and adoptive around a core strategy that includes "stacks." Stacks provide options or value in the future...whatever the future. Your portfolio should work to evolve over time.

We create retirement income and preservation of principal portfolios for executives and business owners who require a stable but strategic inflation-adjusted income stream that also strives to achieve healthy growth of their life savings and preservation of their principal balance and desired lifestyle.


Income & Cash Flow Management

The Guidance You Need

Income Planning for your lifetime and protecting your portfolio is important.  “Longevity Planning” includes short term and long term investing with a bias toward capital preservation and competitive rates of return over time. Will you outlast your money over the next 10, 15, 20, 25 years plus?  Without strategic planning combined with additional planning for nursing care stays and estate planning, your lifestyle and retirement could be in jeopardy.

What will your retirement look like if you lose 30% or more if another market correction hits like 2007-2009?


Strategic Investment Placement

The Guidance You Need

We start by getting to know your concerns, objectives, and desired lifestyle. This discovery step guides the development of your personal investment plan.

Design a core strategy with side bets aimed at correctly reaching your objectives.

Implement the right financial products and maintain it for you on an ongoing basis.


Portfolio Dynamics Include




Sub-Portfolios/Side Bets

Growth & Preservation of Principal

Recovery and Emergencies

Seek to Minimize Volatility

Increased Stability

Inflation Protection




Estate Protection & Legacy

The Guidance You Need

Living Trusts, Charitable Reminder Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney for Assets, Healthcare and Physician Directives, and more...

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Many Americans have no plan in place.

Has your Estate Plan been reviewed relative to the recent SECURE or CARES Acts?

A Living Trust helps to take care of your needs and family if you are unable to manage your affairs because of an accident, illness, or age.

Protect Your Legacy

A Living Trust can provide support of your minor children or grandchildren and can help protect a disabled child without jeopardizing the child’s government benefits.

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Holding Hands

Maintain Privacy and Avoid Probate

A Living Trust helps to assure privacy of your family’s financial condition and assets by avoiding the public disclosure of probate.

It is Time to Protect You and Your Family

Don't wait for an accident or illness.  A Trust Package (revocable living trust, wills, power of attorney for finance, and health care directive) can be critical to protecting your financial legacy.

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The Guidance You Need



Focus on your life and worry less about protecting your assets. Some annuities provide guaranteed lifetime income to supplement your Social Security, RMDs,

and pensions.




Loss of Social Security or pension income can be devastating to the surviving spouse. Newer policies may provide LTC-like protection if you cannot perform activities of daily living.

Long Term Care

Mark Kuhne's father was deemed incompetent at age 75 and placed in a memory care facility costing approximately $8k/month. He lived until age 78.

Without his LTC policy, his wealth would have been depleted.


About Mark Kuhne

Founder & President of Croix River Wealth Management


Mark has presented 100's of workshops/webinars since 2012. Prior, he served 20+ years in various business banking roles and retired early as a Community Bank President.


Volunteer and Civic Roles

  • SCORE mentor to numerous entrepreneurs and business owners (see SCORE.org).

  • Member of the CPA Plus Network, a peer-to-peer network of professionals who provide services such as coaching, consulting, and business development  (see CPAPlusNetwork.com).

  • Volunteer/Member: Hudson Area Chamber (Golf Committee)

  • Previous Board positions: Anoka County Chamber & Northwest Suburban Chamber

  • Previous Chair positions: Boy Scouts Viking Council, Crow Wing District


  • Investment Adviser Representative with Horter Investment Management, LLC

  • Insurance Licensed (Life, Health and LTC): National #16489159


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Your investment advisor may recommend third-party money managers who utilize investment strategies designed to minimize portfolio volatility and reduce the risk of declines in account values. Low Risk or Low Volatility strategies are generally defined as strategies that have a 10-year maximum drawdown of less than 10%. Like any other investment strategy, this approach entails risks, including the risk that client accounts can still lose value and the risk that a defensive position may, at any given point in time, prevent client accounts from appreciating in value.

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