C/R Stack Portfolios

C/R Stack Income Portfolio

C/R Stack Growth Portfolio

C/R Stack ROTH-Conversion Portfolio


C/R Stack Plus Portfolios include optional:

  • IRA-LTC Rollover Stack

  • NQ-LTC Rollover Stack

  • Capital Gain Defer & Elimination Stack


Each C/R Stack Portfolio is designed to address and solve major areas of concern for most executives and small business owners. It is through our Discover and Design process we customize the portfolio.


While each C/R Stack Portfolio has certain stacks (side bets) and priorities, it is also specifically designed to best fit you and your family needs.  All the C/R Stack Portfolios incorporate estate protection and legacy plans.

In various degrees the C/R Stack Portfolios provide income, growth, preservation of principal, and liquidity (for emergencies) all at the same time while also seeking to minimize risk, volatility, and achieve predictability with income.

C/R Stack Portfolios include up to 4 or more separate stacks (side-bets).  Stacks are like mini sub-portfolios to specifically address your priorities. The idea is to stack the odds of success in your favor. Each stack serves a specific purpose for specific times during retirement.  This "time" diversification can also help offset the impact of inflation risk so your spending power and desired lifestyle is better protected well into the future. 

Our process of sub-dividing assets into stacks--accomplishing specific purposes--can add an increased level of stability to an executive's overall retirement plan.  The optional IRA-LTC Rollover Stack, for example, is specifically designed to provide long term care coverage* using excess IRA funds in a 10-year rollover process. The IRA funding is taxable as it is rolled over, but the accompanying life insurance and/or long term care disbursements are tax free. Given the rising high cost of healthcare, LTC coverage can be an excellent stack to protect your family's legacy assets.


*LTC coverage qualification depends on your health and requires insurance-carrier approval. Not everyone qualifies for this add-on stack.

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