Risk Analysis

What good are your investments if they are not managed to achieve your desired goals? A strategy should be crafted to help produce the greatest likelihood you’ll achieve that outcome.

Investments come with risks. Many don’t understand the risk in their portfolios. Both bull and bear markets happen. Inflation, interest rates, technological changes, world events, politics and more are beyond our control, but, there are steps you can take to be opportunistic in good times and defensive in bad times. The following are a few steps you can take:

  • Measure your tolerance for downside risk and craft a portfolio around balancing your tolerance for risk to reward.
  • Understand the impact of loses (sequence of negative returns in conjunction with required minimum distributions) and strive to create a portfolio to stabilize returns, minimize losses, and better position distributions.
  • Use fixed savings and investments for principal preservation that may also provide guaranteed lifetime income benefits.

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